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Preview of „Holy moly!”

On 6 December we presented the 59th preview of the Reading theatre for people with poor eyesight and blind. The spectacle „Holy moly!” („A niech to gęś kopnie!”) by Marta Guśniowska was prepared specially for our younger viewers. Thank you for you enthusiatic reactions and wonderful atmosphere!

Marta Guśniowska uses language ambiguities and fairytale motives to build up new meanings and creates a multilevel story specially for yonger spectators. The play was directed – as usual on a voluntary basis – by Ms Ewa Pilawska, the Powszechny Theatre director.    

„Holy moly!” is a play for those who look for a meaning of life as well as for those who have already found it and want to live life to the full. The humorous and sometimes puckish text is about a mutual journey and a growing feeling. This is also a proof that people may differ from each other but is not their disadvantage and the most important thing in life is to be a  decent man.

„Holy moly!” („A niech to gęś kopnie!”)
by Marta Guśniowska
Directed by: Ewa Pilawska
Cast: Marta Jarczewska, Karolina Krawczyńska, Jarosław Dziedzic, Filip Jacak, Arkadiusz Wójcik
Script: Małgorzata Goździk



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