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Do you dream of changing your life?  Maude Gutman, an unemployed bartender living in a trailer park in the California desert, believes a painting she bought in a thrift store for a few dollars is really an undiscovered Jackson Pollock. So she asks world-class art expert Lionel Percy to fly ... more »

BOEING, BOEING Marc Camoletti

A Broadway hit! It has been played in 55 countries around the world for over 17,500 times. And that is why it was noted in The Guinness Book of Records. It was translated into Polish and adapted to stage by Bartosz Wierzbięta, the author of Polish translation of Shrek, Open Season, Over the Hedge ... more »

BRUNCH Juliusz Machulski

„Brunch” („Brancz”) has been the third play written by Juliusz Machulski specially for Powszechny Theatre and Polish Comedy Centre. In the comedy you will find a part of the truth about yourself, your family and about the family relationships. It tells about us in a funny ... more »


Monodrama Carbon Monoxide is a collage of monologues there were collected and written down by Aleksandra Listwan. It is inspired by the actress’s meetings with women who, at first glance (according to common social criteria), can be described as „strange”, to say the ... more »

Wojciech Bruszewski

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MP Richard Willey is staying at the Westminster Hotel with his wife Pamela. She is going to spend the evening at the theatre so he is planning to seduce Jennifer, one of the PM’s secretaries. He asks his private aide George Pidgen to book a hotel room under an assumed name for Willey to meet ... more »

VIRGINS John Retallack

John Retallack, a British playwright and director, is famous for touching problems that are generally thought of as a taboo or problems that plays for young people often fail to mention. He is the author of several plays for young viewers and has adapted numerous texts for stage. His adaptation of ... more »

MAYDAY 2 Ray Cooney

How many John Smiths may live in London? Probably as many as Jan Nowaks in Łódź. But if we suddenly talk about two John Smiths, both London taxi drivers, both 53 years old and both a father to one child? It makes you think… Is it only a funny coincidence? Or perhaps John Smith is a ... more »

MEASURE FOR MEASURE William Shakespeare

It is difficult to categorize “Measure for Measure”. It blurs the boundaries between comedy and tragedy, combining bitter reflections with characteristic wit. It is a story about power and its corrupting nature. Its title refers to the Gospel of Saint Matthew proclaiming „what ... more »


Since her mother’s death, Lizzie stays with her father. But after the loss of his wife he has had trouble coping with life. He becomes obsessed with entering the Great Human Bird Competition. He is making strange things to become a crow in order to fly across the Tyne on the wings he has made ... more »


It is a story about two friends, Suzy and her dog Niewiem. They enter a huge and mysterious house of Mr Accousticus, who stole the voices of the town citizens. The fascinating and full of adventures journey around the rooms of this huge house, where the stolen sounds are hidden, takes us to the ... more »

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ONY Marta Guśniowska

“Ony” is a play for young people who start to say farewell to their childhood – they start to understand the world and live in it more consciously to become grown-ups. But at the same time it is a play for older people who remember the moment they started to become grown-ups ... more »

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Agnieszka Osiecka in one of her most popular songs, “May these eyes lie”, she wrote about a meeting of a man and a woman who had already had some experience in love affairs. Both of them, heroes of “Oś”, do not know what to do with their love, they cannot come into contact ... more »

THE MAID Marc Camoletti

A brilliant comedy by Marc Camoletti in an excellent translation by Bartosz Wierzbięta, the author of Polish language versions of such animated films as „Shrek”, „Shark Tale”, „Mission Cleopatra”, „Asterix and Obelix”, „Madagascar” ... more »

STOP MOTION Malina Prześluga

Wojtek is a young boy. He is happy – he has friends, family, a girl friend. He lives full life. He is focused on what happens here and now. Until the moment when a situation forces him to revalue his life. He starts to look at the world through his passion – the movies. But stop motion ... more »


Please approach me… and ask for what you want…it may help us in the investigation. I suppose you have your own clues to help solve the case. (…) Witnesses will be able to ask questions directly to the suspects. One of the most popular and watched shows in Łódź. It still ... more »


Molière’s “The School for Wives” tells a story of Arnolf – a serious and wealthy man who wants to get married. But he does not believe in women’s integrity. Therefore he decides to bring up an absolutely devoted and faithful wife. Everything takes place in a ... more »

TANGO ŁÓDŹ Radosław Paczocha

Does revolution have gender? In Łódź the revolution was a woman and it was women’s business. It breaks away in Łódź textile workers – mothers, wives, lovers and eventually revolutionaries. Noise, rush, run. Screams of children and husband. Work during the day, cleaning up ... more »

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Marta Guśniowska

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It is a musical journey to the world of poetry and songwriting of Julian Tuwim. The play is reaching towards grotesque and absurd. It shows that the theatre is a magical place not only for the spectators but the actors as well. But it would not be this magical if not for the people behind the ... more »

VLADIMIR Matjaź Zupanćić

“Vladimir” tells the story of three friends living together. One day they decide to let out one room to another tenant. And then comes Vladimir, a former security guard. From that moment on their lives change completely… „Vladimir” is a small psychological drama ... more »

Ray Cooney

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SONG FACTORY Maciej Karpiński, Maciej Wojtyszko

During WWII Łódź was not destroyed. The city not far away from Warsaw became then Poland’s temporary capital. It also became the capital of Polish movie industry and it held the title for many years. Altogether hundreds of films and TV series were made in Łódź. The scene of ... more »

Edward Taylor

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Dotknij Teatru

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