20 years of „Shear Madness” – thank you!

It was 20 years ago, in March 1999, when Powszechny Theatre in Łódź presented, for the first time in Poland, „Shear Madness” by Paul Pörtner. Yesterday, on 19 July 2019, together with our spectators we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the spectacle.

Our telephones were ringing off the hook all morning. Though the tickets had been sold out many viewers hoped to take part in this extraordinary event so we sold many standing tickets. The atmosphere was great and we thank you for it! Also our thanks go to Cukiernia Wasiakowie (the Wasiak Confectioner’s), our jubilee evening partner, for a delicious birthday cake!

After the spectacle congratulatory letters from Ms Iwona Śledzińska-Katarasińska, MP, and Mr Krzysztof Piątkowski, deputy mayor of the City of Łodź were read and the audience gave them a long applause. Later all of us sang „Happy Birthday” – it was suggested by a special guest this evening – Nadia, who is the hero of our theatre’s miniseries. – This is not only a celebration of „Shear Madness”, it is a red-letter day for the whole theatre. This spectacle is a stage in our comedy journey. Thanks to it we could invent the character of Nadia which has been played by me and by Janusz German – said Arkadiusz Wójcik.

And then a bunch of 20 white roses was given by the actors to our director Ewa Pilawska who decided to premiere „Shear Madness” in Poland. – It is you, our spectators, who are co-creators of „Shear Madness”. Were it not for your confidence, your determination, intelligence and imagination, we would not be here for 20 years. Thank you for artistic risk you took with us (…) Thank you, Nadia, a wonderful character, for being with us. Thank you for your presence and for your respect for older colleagues. I always say that it is the most important thing and not only in the theatre – there should be no generation gap anywhere and I hope this has been shown today – said Ewa Pilawska, the Powszechny Theatre director.

Thank you for those 20 years and we always invite you to Powszechny Theatre in Łódź!          

 Paul Pörtner
„Shear Madness”
Translation: Elżbieta Woźniak
Director: Marcin Sławiński
Set design: Katarzyna Jarnuszkiewicz/Krzysztof Kelm
Cast: Barbara Lauks, Beata Ziejka, Jakub Kotyński/Jakub Firewicz, Andrzej Jakubas, Piotr Lauks, Artur Majewski