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„A Good Change”: special preview for doctors and nurses for a symbolic 1 zloty

Powszechny Theatre in Łódź planned a preview of “A Good Change” to be held on 27 March – the International Theatre Day. Due to national lockdown it was postponed. – The preview will take place live, with our audience, as soo0n as it is possible. We are thinking of a special preview, for a symbolic 1 zloty, for health service workers – Ewa Pilawska, the Powszechny Theatre director, announced.

-During the pandemic we need positive impulses, optimism. I hope “A Good Change” will prove to be a theatrical way of neutralizing bad mood, a sort of vaccine for the soul – Pilawska adds. – At the same time we would like to thank all doctors, nurses and medical rescuers for their last year’s very hard work. It is they who are on the front line of the war with the pandemic. This is why we have planned a special preview of “A Good Change” and some extra shows for which health service workers can buy tickets for a symbolic 1 zloty.

As soon as the government decides about theatres’ opening after the lockdown, we will put the information about the date of the preview as well the special shows for health service workers on our website and in our Theatre social media.

“A Good Change” is another story about Nadia and her adventures. She has been the hero of our series of spectacles, and since last she has appeared on the internet series “The Maid Advises” (now in its second season). The play was written and directed for Powszechny Theatre in Łódź – Polish Comedy Centre by Jakub Przebindowski.

The action is laid in Łódź – we see the city’s rich inhabitants in their large apartments full of modern design and art. It leads us to reflections – how much are we able to devote and to risk in order to reach our objective? Is it worth pretending to be somebody else? Is Nadia’s support once again necessary for her employers to set their lives in order?

“A Good Change”
Written, directed and musically arranged by Jakub Przebindowski                                       
Set design: Witold Stefaniak
Costumes: Justyna Petelicka
Cast: Małgorzata Goździk, Marta Jarczewska, Monika Kępka, Arkadiusz Wójcik, Sebastian Jasnoch, Jakub Kotyński