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Arkadiusz Wójcik „on a roll” in „Subjective list of theatre actors” by Jacek Sieradzki

For 30 years Jacek Sieradzki, a famous Polish theatre critic, publishes his „Subjective list of theatre actors”. In the latest edition (2022) of the list he put our actor Arkadiusz Wójcik in “on a roll” category. Our congratulations!

“What I will remember from this season is his character in high-heeled shoes. He plays a go-getting maid Nadia, a native version of a character from a farce by Marc Camoletti. He plays her in a funny way, with no antics. He wears a shaggy wig but speaks with a low, masculine voice and uses accurate punchlines, an astonishing artifice of the character and first of all her funny restraint in most crazy situations”, Jacek Sieradzki writes. The critic recalls other roles of Arkadiusz Wójcik, among others “a communist agent” in “Ferragosto” or a “powerful caroller-provocateur in «Tango Łódź» (texts by Radosław Paczocha, directed by Adam Orzechowski”).

In the latest edition  of „Subjective list of theatre actors”  we can find other actors who last season appeared in Łódź at the International Festival of Plays Pleasant and Unpleasant – Dominika Bednarczyk (The Best Actress for her role in „Forefathers’ Eve” directed by Maja Kleczewska), Karolina Adamczyk (for the role in „Imagine” by Krystian Lupa) and Grzegorz Falkowski (for his role in „Flight” by Zenon Fajfer directed by Anna Augustynowicz).         

Our  congratulations to all of them!