Best Spectacle and Best Actress – Golden Masks for Powszechny Theatre!

Golden Masks for 2018/2019 season have been awarded! Theatre critics recapitulated the season and gave their awards for best artistic achievements in Łódź. Powszechny Theatre received two Golden Masks. The award for Best Spectacle was given to “Come Back”(our co-production with Współczesny Theatre in Szczecin), directed by Anna Augustynowicz. Anna Januszewska was given Golden Masks for her role of Bobby Kleks in “Come Back”. Thank you and our congratulations to all laureates!

– I  would like to thank the Chapter, it is a great honour. When we were building our Small Stage I used to say we needed new value and a greater artistic risk. At the Festival there were a few co-productions with other theatres, the first one – “Winter Trip” directed by Maja Kleczewska, the spectacle produced together with Polski Theatre in Bydgoszcz. It had been my dream to meet Anna Augustynowicz and her theatre – said Ewa Pilawska while receiving the awards. – Co-productions are very important, they give new value, there is a lot of new energy in them. Since the first preview we have played “Come Back” 30 times at both stages – in Łódź and in Szczecin. My congratulations to both theatres. And my special thanks go to Przemysław Pilarski for the text – a lesson we have been trying to do all the time.

While receiving Golden Masks for the Best Actress  Ewa Pilawska said: - Yesterday we inaugurated new season in Stary Theatre in Lublin with “Come Back”. Thank you on behalf of Anna Januszewska. While talking about the cast with Anna Augustynowicz, the Współczesny Theatre director, I had only one request – that Anna Januszewska be included in it. I am very glad we made it.

We invite you to see “Come Back” – we will present it in October, November and December. On 4 October Golden Mask will be given to Anna Januszewska on our Small Stage. See you then!