Christmas meeting 2018

It has been a tradition that before we sit at the Christmas table at home we have a Christmas meeting in Powszechny Theatre. As usual we kept the tradition this year and we met in the Theatre on Monday, 17 December. The atmosphere was warm, familiar and Christmassy – there were dumplings, cabbage with mushroom and dry fruit compote for everyone. We spent that magic night with our friends, singing Christmas carols. Our warm „thank you!” goes to Małgorzata Hutek for beautiful music on that magic night.           

Our Christmas meetings prove how important thing in theatre is the team – a group of people who can work together. That is why theatre becomes the place that spectators want to visit and to return to. During the meeting we exchanged wishes for the year to come, we shared our plans and dreams. Thank you for all your wishes! We wish ourselves that our theatre be an independent, free and apolitical place focused on work for our viewers.