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Conference „Krystyna Janda. The Master Class”

Last weekend the conference „Krystyna Janda. The Master Class” accompanied  Master Performances of „My Way” at the 29th edition of International Festival of Plays Pleasant and Unpleasant. The conference took place on 5 March, 2023.

- I invited theatre critics to the conference devoted to Krystyna Janda in order to preserve the work of the outstanding artist. The situation is unique and quite different because this time Krystyna Janda is sitting in the audience and the critics – on the stage – Ewa Pilawska, director of the festival, said. – The texts will make up a book to premiere next year and I invite you to it – the director added.        

During the conference the critics presented their essays/speeches devoted to various periods of Krystyna Janda’s life and work:

Photos: Maciej Zakrzewski