Ewa Pilawska is „The Łódź Man of 2017”!

Thanks to the votes of the city residents, the Powszechny Theatre director Ewa Pilawska won the title „The Łódź Man of 2017”. 

- This is my place on earth. I have spent here more than half of my life. And I thank you very much for letting me spread my wings. I always say that creators need this kind of recognition – a positive touch, an indication that our way has been correct and that our work has been right and important. Thank you for that – Ewa Pilawska said during the ceremony which took place on Saturday, 24 February.

Our sincere congratulations to our director! We are very happy! And we would like to thank you for your votes in the plebiscite organized by Radio Łódź, Express Ilustrowany and TVP 3. Our congratulations to all nominees in the plebiscite!

As you can read in the plebiscite’s regulations, „the winner is the person who due to his/her work for the city of Łódź earned the honour. The candidates are nominated by the plebiscite’s chapter. The final decision belongs to listeners, readers, viewers and internet users who cast their votes in the plebiscite. This year the chapter nominated five persons”. Ewa Pilawska was the only representative of the theatre community of Łódź.

The plebiscite, originated by Radio Łódź (local public radio station) has been organized since 1993. During 25 years many well known people were its winners, among them Marek Belka, the former Prime Minister of Poland and president of National Bank of Poland; Jerzy Kropiwnicki, the former president of the city of Łódź and minister of labour; Marek Edelman – one of the leaders of the Warsaw Jewish Ghetto uprising; Jan Machulski – an actor and director; athletes – Marcin Gortat (basketball), Jerzy Janowicz (tennis) and Andrzej Niemczyk (women volleyball coach) as well as Professor Jacek Moll – heart surgeon and Piotr Dzięcioł – film producer.