First preview of "The Independent. The City" during Touch the Theatre 2019

On Saturday, 6 April and Sunday, 7 April, we presented our show „The Independent. The City”. The presentation took place in Legionów Street within the Touch the Theatre project. It was created by Arkadiusz Wójcik and Małgorzata Goździk together with a group of seniors „We Are Present” that cooperate with our theatre and charges of MONAR Association (non-governmental organization focused on helping drug addicts, the homeless, those who are HIV positive or who have AIDS). The show tells the story of Łódź – from the moment of regaining independence up to modern times. It tells the story of the city but mainly of the street and the way it is seen by its inhabitants. It tells the story of Łódź (we know it from the documents, from the stories told parents and grandparents) and of the city’s present days that we have created and interpreted. What is Łódź like? Can we change anything? Do we remember the people who built it?

The outdoor spectacle of Powszechny Theatre was co-financed by the City of Łódź within the Łódź edition of Touch the Theatre 2019 project. The spectacle was produced by Poleski Ośrodek Sztuki (Art Centre in Polesie).

The spectacle was also co-financed by “Orlen – Dar Serca” Foundation.