Reading Theatre for people with poor eyesight and blind

The initiative was born in 2005 as a result of the project by Ms Ewa Pilawska, director of Powszechny Theatre and Ms Teresa Wrzesińska, president of the Łódź branch of Polish Union of the Blind. First shows were presented in the seat of the Polish Union of the Blind in 13 Więckowskiego Street. Now they have been presented in the theatre’s foyer and at our Small Stage. Monthly „Pochodnia” (editor – Polish Union of the Blind) points out that the project is the only theatrical initiative of this kind in Poland. The set design and costumes are symbolic, the emphasis is put on sound details, stage directions are also read. The presentations are accompanied by theatrical programmes in the Braille alphabet versions (edited with the cooperation and help of the Blind Library). Ewa Pilawska has always directed all plays in the project on a voluntary basis.