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Krawczyk, Machulski, Lupa… The Powszechny Theatre repertoire plans for 2021/2022 season

On 20 August we return after a short leave. On Friday we invite you to  “Dancing With the Stars” (written and directed by Michał Walczak), a week later  – “The Spitting Image of My Son-In-Law” ( by Krzysztof Kędziora,  directed by Paweł Szkotak). Below you can read about our repertoire plans for 2021/2022 season.

Photo taken during the rehearsal of “I Wanted To Be” (directed by Michał Siegoczyński).

Director Ewa Pilawska about the Powszechny Theatre repertoire plans for 2021/2022 season: 

-After a short leave we return to rehearsals and playing. Our first preview of the season will be presented on 11 September on our Big Stage. It will be “I  Wanted To Be”, a spectacle inspired by Krzysztof Krawczyk, a pop-icon of Polish music and culture, written and directed by Michał Siegoczyński. “I Wanted To Be” will not be a biography of the artist but a subjective look at the phenomenon and paradox of being a star. Michał Siegoczyński is interested in a divergence between a stage image and a normal, everyday life. Is it possible to be popular and lonely at the same time? Can you feel disappointed while successful?

In October we invite you to the 27th edition of International Festival of Plays Pleasant and Unpleasant. Had not it been for the pandemic, the festival would have taken place in March 2020. The programme of this year’s edition would not be as rich as it used to be due to the fact that we received 45 percent money less than usual from the City of Łódź (we were promised it happened only this year) but we believe it would be as much interesting and important as previous editions. The topic of this year’s festival – “Artist In A Crisis”. I would like to discuss the problems of theatre and its creators during the pandemic – how we reacted when the whole world stopped because of the virus. The programme of the festival will be released in September and the tickets will go on sale then.

We do hope in March 2022 the festival will return in its regular form and rhythm. For the next edition, together with Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw (within the “Prospero – Extended Theatre” international project organized in Avignon), we are going to prepare a new spectacle by Krystian Lupa – “Imagine 2”. The spectacle is inspired by the 60-ties and 70-ties’ culture as well as the life and music of John Lennon.                         

This coming season we are also planning a preview of new play written by Juliusz Machulski specially for Powszechny Theatre in Łódź – Polish Comedy Centre. The play will be directed by Paweł Szkotak. It will be a bitter-sweet comedy about multi-generation families, about departing our parents and grandparents from this world, our ways of life, decisions we have to take, people whom we meet and who have influence on our future. As usual the characters are created in the way that each of us can find a part of himself/herself in them. Machulski shows relations in which we recognize our own problems and imperfections.

In 2021/2022 season we will also meet with Adam Orzechowski – he will direct a play written by Radosław Paczocha specially for Powszechny Theatre in Łódź. There will also be the 11th preview in the original “Child In a Situation” project. It is going to be the first Polish presentation of the text by a Canadian playwright about problems of transsexuality – a story about looking for our needs, understanding and acceptance.

This coming season we will also present plays created by directors who have never worked for Powszechny Theatre in Łódź so far. Details coming later.