„Love First, Shoot Later”

Energetically, ironically, with hints of melancholy and about love. This was the first preview of this year - „Love First, Shoot Later”. Thank you for being with us on Saturday, 25 January. Let this simple and important message stay with us – before we shoot just think of trying to love first. We invite you to see the photographs taken during the preview.     

It has been the third spectacle directed by Michał Siegoczyński at Powszechny Theatre. Before it was „Brancz” by Juliusz Machulski and „lovebook”, based on his own text.  

- The spectacle is a popculture mixture of comics, fantasy and action film. What is important for me is a quotation, self-ridicule and irreverent look. Sometimes it helps to say more, to uncover exaggerated seriousness of visions and truths and they later get a different dimension and become closer to people. This is a comedy of my understanding of this genre, a comedy with some hints of melancholy – says director Michał Siegoczyński. 

The title of the spectacle is ambiguous but, according to Siegoczyński, it carries an optimistic message. If you love first it is possible you will not have to shoot later. Love may be the solution of the problem.  
- Michał Siegoczyński crosses the borders, he mixes conventions and quotations, a joke with seriousness. In Polish Comedy Centre, as in a laboratory, we risk and we experiment with theatrical form and language in order to broaden the idea of “comedy” – says Ewa Pilawska, director of Powszechny Theatre in Łódź.   

Michał Siegoczyński „Love First, Shoot Later”
Directed by Michał Siegoczyński
Set design and costumes: Katarzyna Sankowska
Stage movement: Alisa Makarenko
Music: Kamil Pater
Choreography: Alisa Makarenko
Video: Yelizaveta Pysmak
Dramaturgy consultant: Tomasz Ogonowski
Video operator: Giovanni Cimarosti
Cast: Diana Krupa, Karolina Łukasiewicz, Paulia Nadel, Beata Ziejka, Filip Jacak, Jakub Kotyński, Artur Majewski