“M-2” at the 26th Festival

On Friday, 28 February, on our Small Stage we presented another festival spectacle. This time it was “M-2” by Natalia Fiedorczuk, directed by Daria Kopiec and produced by the Witkacy Nowy Theatre in Słupsk. It is an intimate story of building up a relationship between two young people. Thank you for another Festival night! 

Purchase a new apartment often is a symbolic border that you cross on your way to become independent from your parents. New apartment means new chapter in your life. But the apartment needs to be furnished. And it is much more difficult to arrange and furnish your life.  “M-2” is a careful, precise deconstruction of the institution of the family, partnership and parenthood. Is it possible to create a new, original way of closeness and security? Does the path to them always lead through petit bourgeois, hypocrisy, the facade of appearances and pretending – even to those whom we would like to endue the most sincere love? After the spectacle there was a meeting with its creators and Łukasz Drewniak asked them, among others, about their acting on an ascetic, almost empty stage and about the role of music.     

Natalia Fiedorczuk
Director: Daria Kopiec
Musical arrangement: Dominika Korzeniecka
Set design: Aleksandra Starzyńska
Choreography: Jacek Owczarek
Cast: Monika Janik, Dominika Korzeniecka, Wojciech Marcinkowski