„Mastery” and „on top”. Przemysław Chojęta and Anna Januszewska among best actors of 2018/2019 season!

In the 28th  edition of „Subjective list of theatre actors”, its author Jacek Sieradzki, famous Polish theatre critic, put two actors who had played in previews in Powszechny Threatre in Łódź during the 25th edition of International Festival of Plays Pleasant and Unpleasant in March.

Przemysław Chojęta was placed in “on top” category for his role of Gustaw Herling-Grudziński. - If it is true that acting is a nomadic profession – and it is, sometimes out of your choice, sometimes because of sheer necessity – than he is the very personification of this truth. I see him in Łódź (Powszechny Theatre) with an ice block in his hands keeping it as along as it is possible for his fingers that are growing numb – in an ingenious introduction to “Ferragosto”, a biography of Gustaw Herling-Grudziński by Radosław Paczocha and Adam Orzechowski – writes Jacek Sieradzki.

In “mastery” category Jacek Sieradzki put Anna Januszewska, who had played the role of Bobby Kleks in “Come Back” (our co-production with Współczesny Threatre in Szczecin), directed by Anna Augustynowicz. - Przemysław Pilarski wrote a parabolic novel “Come Back” in which a man returned to his home he had lived in some time ago to find it inhabited by other people. Not to be literal, his name is Bobby Kleks and he is a cross between a post-Holocaust exile with Bob Dylan and the family that lived in the house was also pretty much nonliteral. (…) This feminized Bobby, being completely out of reality, swinging in a rhythm that was understood only to him, makes a scenic figure you cannot ever forget – writes Jacek Sieradzki in his “Subjective list...”.

Our sincere congratulations to Anna Januszewska and Przemysław Chojęta! We thank both of them for meetings in Łódź that created new artistic value.