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Meeting with daughter and granddaughter of Maria Kwaśniewska-Maleszewska

It was an exceptional, full of memories evening. On Saturday, 22 October, the spectacle „Maria” (about Maria Kwaśniewska – an Olympic medalist and a brave woman who saved hundreds of people during WWII) was attended by her daughter and granddaughter. They both live in Vienna and they came to Łódź specially to see the spectacle and meet with the city inhabitants.   

The meeting after the spectacle was moderated by Dariusz Pawłowski.  Elżbieta Maleszewska-Orłowska with her daughter Maria talked about their mother and grandmother as well as father – basketball player and coach Władysław Maleszewski, son of Wiktor Maleszewski, the last Polish mayor of Vilnius. We heard recollections of Maria Kwaśniewska – not only a hero of WWII but a strong, brave, uncompromising and loving woman for whom empathy and good were the highest values.    

There were several people present at the spectacle and the meeting we would like to thank: Mieczysław Nowicki (vice president of Polish Olympic Committee), Tomasz Rossett (vice president of Regional Olympic Council), rev. Edward Pleń (chaplain of Polish athletes), outstanding athletes – Iwona Marcinkiewicz-Dzięcioł and Tomasz Storożyński. We want to thank Magdalena Komarzeniec – director of the Museum of the City of Łódź. Thanks to the Museum we could present the bronze medal that Maria Kwaśniewska had won at the Berlin Olympic Games in 1936.

We invite you to see „Maria” and to visit Museum of Sport and Tourism where there is an exhibition devoted to Maria Kwaśniewska-Maleszewska. Ticket holders for „Maria” in Powszechny Theatre can buy the ticket to the museum for a symbolic 1 zloty.