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Michał Szewczyk has died. Łódź would never be the same without him

It is a very sad day. Micha Szewczyk – a legend of Polish cinema and theatre, an outstanding actor of Powszechny Theatre in Łódź, has passed away. Michał always said he loved Łódź. As a boy from Bałuty (as he used to say about himself) he always rejected all offers of moving to Warsaw. He set up a family here, he played in Powszechny Theatre in Łódź for more than 60 years, he contributed to the legend of Łódź – the city of film (he played in 100 movies). He inhabitants of Łódź loved him for his roles in theatre, in Poland he was widely known for his film roles. 

On Saturday Krzysztof Kowalewski died, today Michal Szewczyk has passed away. This is the end of an epoch in Theatre – the epoch of hierarchy in multi-generation team, the epoch of theatre craft and technique. Michał was a professional, with the theatre actor’s ethos. He prepared to each role with equal passion, he was faithful to actor’s mission. Michał was a Master – even when he appeared on stage in a small role, he got ovations.

For many reasons his did not appear in the theatre as often as before. But we talked over the phone regularly. He loved life, people and Theatre. He was emphatic, sociable, with a great sense of humour. The family he set up in Łódź was the most important for him. He was surrounded with love and support by his wife Małgosia, children and grandchildren. A few months ago, during the celebrations of the 75th anniversary of Powszechny Theatre,  Michał Szewczyk was awarded his star in the Łódź Walk of Fame (Piotrkowska Street). A couple of days later he was decorated with  Gold Medal for Merit to Culture – Gloria Artis.

Ewa Pilawska and the Powszechny Theatre team