„Najmrodzki” at the 26th Festival

Long standing ovation for „Najmrodzki – Long Ago in Gliwice” directed by Michał Siegoczyński. On Sunday, 23 February, on our Small Stage we presented another Festival show – this time it was produced by City Theatre in Gliwice. Thank you for this Festival meeting!   

Zdzisław Najmrodzki – the hero of the play by Michał Siegoczyński – has been the Gliwice legend since the times of the Polish People’s Republic when he was called “the king of thieves” and “the master of escapes”. His legend has been still alive. No matter his crimes he has been thought of as the Gliwice Robin Hood rather than a criminal. In Siegoczyński’s play Najmrodzki is a fragment of a popculture collage with numerous qutoes from pieces of art. 

Najmrodzki was a leader of a gang of car thieves (they stole about 100 Polonez cars). He stole, however, only luxury goods from Pewex stores and delicatessen. He broke free from justice twenty nine times, including twice from the Gliwice prison. When he escaped from Gliwice arrest in 1989 he left a letter to its governor in which he thanked him for his hospitality. He was finally sentenced for 20 years for theft and, in addition, 7 years for his escapes. Later he was pardoned by President Lech Wałęsa. Najmrodzki died in a car accident although he had promised he would never return to his crimes – the car was stolen, the plates were false and the driver had other man’s documents… 

One of the lecturers who had worked with Najmrodzki while organizing theatre in prison, took part in the meeting after the spectacle. He had known him and he told about his intelligence and his talent and at the same time about his character’s change during his stay in prison. He calmed down and he stopped being an “action movie hero”.

Najmrodzki – Long Ago in Gliwice
Director and script: Michał Siegoczyński
Dramaturgy consultant: Martyna Wawrzyniak
Historical documentation: Tomasz Ogonowski
Set design and costumes: Katarzyna Sankowska
Music: Kamil Pater
Projections and lights: Michał Głaszczka
Cameras: Tomasz Wypych, Bartosz Dziuba
Stage movement: Alisa Makarenko
Stage manager: Marek Migdał
Production: Patrycja Wróbel
Cast: Izabela Baran, Karolina Olga Burek, Przemysław Chojęta, Mariusz Galilejczyk, Aleksandra Maj, Dominika Majewska, Mariusz Ostrowski, Krzysztof Prałat, Michał Wolny