Powszechny Theatre granted 90,000 zloties by National Centre for Culture!

National Centre for Culture has just announced results of the intake for the “Culture on the Web” programme. Powszechny Theatre in Łódź received 90,000 zloties from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for continuing our theatrical series “The Maid Advises”. 

We are very happy to be able to meet every Thursday – as we have done it for the past 8 weeks. So far it was possible thanks to our sponsor who believed in our idea and that is why we could start our project in the pandemia times and be in touch with our viewers.

There were  5,948 applications submitted to National Centre for Culture and the funds were granted to 1,182 projects (about 20 percent). We are happy to be among the beneficiaries who have been granted the highest funding.

Our sincere congratulations to all beneficiaries!