Powszechny Theatre – the friend of the blind

Members of our theatre took part in the White Cane March – it was on Friday, October 13 on the occasion of International Day of the Blind. This is a special day for all who fight for a better life qulity of people with sight defects and who do not agree to their exclusion.

After the March Ms Anna Tomaszewska, director of „Na Dziewanny” Lodz School for the Blind handed in special Certificates of Friends of People with Poor Eyesight and Blind. Ms Hanna Zdanowska, Mayor of the City of Lodz, was one of the awarded with the certificate. It was also given to Ms Ewa Pilawska, director of Powszechny Theatre in Lodz, for the Reading theatre for people with poor eyesignt and blind – the project that has been produced in our theatre for 12 years.

The first preview of the Reading theatre of this season coming soon. We invite you for Thursday, 19 October!


Photo Justyna Tomczak