„Season in Beauty” for the 3rd time

The third edition of “Season in Beauty” will take place on 23 April at 4 pm in Powszechny Theatre in Łódź. The event will be connected with Mr Piotr Grobliński’s jubilee – 30 years ago he made his press debut. Each “Season in Beauty” meeting is devoted to a modern poet and a great poet of 19th or 20th century. This time it will be Stanisław Grochowiak – his poems will be read by the Powszechny Theatre’s actors Piotr Lauks and Jakub Kotyński. Jakub Kościukiewicz will perform on a cello and there will also be a presentation of a movie “Dochodzenie do siebie”.


Stanisław Grochowiak (1934-1976) was an outstanding poet, playwright, publicist and screenwriter. He made his debut in 1956 – it was a collection of poems “Ballada rycerska”. The book has been regarded as one the most important debuts of this time, beside Herbert and Białoszewski. The most popular poems by Grochowiak (“Don Kiszot”, Verlaine”) have been put in the book. From the very beginning he was inspired by French culture as well as by medieval and baroque culture. In his poetry you could also find elements of burlesque and ugliness esthetics as well as rebellious attitude towards reality. He has been regarded as a representative of turpism and his poem “Płonąca żyrafa” was a programme manifesto of it.

Grochowiak was also a playwright, his plays were presented in many theatres, on the radio and in TV (“Szachy”, “Partita”, “Chłopcy” - to mention a few). They were published in Dialogue monthly and later in several collections. He also published short stories and novels.

Piotr Grobliński is a poet, journalist, culture publicist. He was born in 1966 in Łódź. He made his debut as a poet and a critic in 1987 in “Odgłosy”. He published five volumes of poetry as well as a collection of paragraphs. He has been working in Łódzki Dom Kultury (Łódź Culture Centre) as an editor of Kwadratura publishing. He has been writing paragraphs,  reviews and reports, he has also been a blogger. He specializes in moderating meetings with artists and people connected with culture. He has been a co-author of “Season in Beauty” series in Powszechny Theatre.

Jakub Kościukiewicz is a cellist specializing in baroque music. He has played as a soloist and an orchestra member in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Holland, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Russia, Great Britain, Slovakia and in the USA. He played on 30 records. He has been working with Musicae Antique Collegiae Varsoviense, The Wrocław Baroque Orchestra and Royal Baroque Ensemble. He teaches at the music academies in Łódź and Warsaw.