Translation: Elżbieta Woźniak
 Marcin Sławiński
Set design: Katarzyna Jarnuszkiewicz
Cast: Barbara Lauks, Beata Ziejka, Jakub Kotyński, Andrzej Jakubas, Piotr Lauks, Artur Majewski

Duration time: 2 hour 10 minutes (1 break)

Please approach me… and ask for what you want…it may help us in the investigation. I suppose you have your own clues to help solve the case. (…) Witnesses will be able to ask questions directly to the suspects.

One of the most popular and watched shows in Łódź. It still has a full house in Powszechny Theatre. Hair-dressing saloon „Shear madness” run by the master of comb – and of course – the scissors, Olo Boski, has already been visited by more than 240.000 people. The saloon is famous for its excellent and professional service. Unfortunately a flaw appears on this intact reputation – a murder in the next door apartment occurs and the suspect is unknown. Both employees of the saloon and its customers may be the suspects. And here come… the Audience. It is you, taking an active part in the investigation, who indicate the guilty. It is thanks to you that brave police officers can reconstruct the event with the tiniest details. Finally it is you who decide how the play ends.

Both the audience and the actors on stage have a great fun. Excellent dialogues and fantastic actors make everyone feel stomach-ache. Of course from laughter! (Wiadomości Dnia)

Paul Pörtner was born in 1925 in Wuppertal. He studied German and Roman studies and philosophy. Since 1958 until his death he lived in Switzerland. He was a writer, researcher of cultural phenomena, director, leader a team of actors, translator, editor. First American version of Pörtner’s play was entitled Who did it and was staged in GeVa Theatre in Rochester with Bruce Jordan in the role of hairdresser.

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