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„#Tagged” - first preview live from Powszechny Theatre’s Small Stage

On 29 April Powszechny Theatre in Łódź presents the 68th preview in the Reading theatre for people with poor eyesight and blind project. Theatres cannot play with the audience and that is why the first Polish presentation of „#Tagged” will be broadcast  on Radio Łódź live from our Small Stage. As usual the play is directed on a voluntary basis by Ewa Pilawska, the Powszechny Theatre director and the project’s author.  

The play by Dave Deveau shows our reality. – A group of teenagers from good families meet at a party. When one of the girls loses consciousness her friends decide to have a laugh at her expense. They put a vulgarism at her forehead and then take pictures in sexy positions. Later they put the photos on the internet and in social media. Suddenly an anonymous person, without her knowledge and permission, becomes known all over the world – she is humiliated and hated and stigmatized – Ewa Pilawska says.

This story is only a pretext to tell about something wider, about a mechanism of escalating violence. About brutality, ruthlessness, loss of human feelings, lack of empathy. It all comes easier and easier in the times of the internet when – with a few clicks – we can humiliated and destroy somebody. A rumour, a trace, an insinuation is enough – Ewa Pilawska underlines. – One of our greatest problems now is a pursuit of the sensational at all costs – hence quick headlines, false affairs and scandals, attempts  to discredit others. And above all – our image on the net has become crucial: it is not only young people who fight for likes and as many followers as possible. It is not important who we are  any more – now it is important how we function on the internet and with what tags we can be described – she says. – However the spectacle gives us some hope that we are not unpunished in this hatred, that there comes the time in law and technology when haters will be accounted for what they do and punished – Ms Pilawska says.

The first preview of the 68th spectacle in the Reading theatre for people with poor eyesight and blind project will take place at 11 A.M. on 29 April on Radio Łódź Extra – it will be live broadcast from  Powszechny Theatre’s Small Stage. The second broadcast will be at 7 P.M. on 29 April on Radio Łódź. In May „#Tagged” will premiere in the Child in a situation project. It will be accompanied by workshops prepared by Andrzej Jakubas and the participants will discuss the problems the play is about.      

Dave Deveau
Translated by: Elżbieta Woźniak
Directed by: Ewa Pilawska
Set design and costumes: Wojciech Stefaniak
Choreography: Jarosław Staniek
Music: Bartosz Adamiak
Ligths: Łukasz Broniewski
Cast: Małgorzata Goździk, Marta Jarczewska, Michał Lacheta
with a special appearance of Diana Krupa, Karolina Krawczyńska, Paulina Nadel, Sebastian Jasnoch and Jakub Kryształ
Script: Arkadiusz Wójcik