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The crowd makes „boom!” „1989” at the 29th Festival

„1989” directed by Katarzyna Szyngiera – energy, freedom and creativity. Sunday and Monday (12 and 13 March, 2023) nights at the 29th Festival were electrifying. The house was more than full, the ovations seemed to have no end. Thanks for unusual energy and for the fact that Powszechny is the first theatre to present „1989” (co-production of the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Cracow and the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre).      

Music by Webber, texts by Łona and Bober = „1989”, rap musical about the way to  Poland becoming a free country, is considered to be one the most important spectacles of the last season. It tells about a crucial moment of our modern history – the moment which joined us and let us enjoy the bloodless victory. We are moved to the times of late Polish Peoples’ Republic – on stage we see three fascinating couples, the Wałęsa, the Frasyniuk and the Kuroń families.  This time we look at those times through the eyes of young creators who either do not remember the communist era or were very young during the political changes. 

„1989” leaves us with a bitter question – what has been left of June 1989 joy? It causes reflections – may we have a positive myth or do we destroy it with our own hands? „1989” is also a fascinating story about brave women – wives, mothers, heroins who paid highest price for our freedom.

On Sunday there was a meeting with the spctacle’s creators which was moderated by Aneta Kyzioł. The artists told about their work on the spectacle, their conversations with heroes and heroins od Solidarity. They emphasized that „1989” is neither a documentary nor a historical spectacle – its aim is to look at Poland’s history in a new way, from the perspective of young generations. They underlined it was impertant that the spectacle should joing and not divide, should touch a chord with spectators of different age, the youngest included. The audience reaction confirmed the aim was successfully reached. The artistic team thanked for enthusiastic reception and wonderful energy of the audience – the first presentations outside Gdańsk and Cracow were unusuual. We are also very thankful!  


Co-production of the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Cracow and the Gdańsk Sheakespeare Theatre
Direction: Katarzyna Szyngiera
Idea: Marcin Napiórkowski
Music: Andrzej „Webber” Mikosz
Script: Marcin Napiórkowski, Katarzyna Szyngiera, Mirosław Wlekły
Song lyrics and vocal lines: Marcin Napiórkowski
Rap editing and lyrics „Debata” and „Porozmawiajmy”: Patryk „Bober” Bobrek
Song lyrics „Olo, game changer”: Patryk „Bober” Bobrek, Antoni Sztaba
Song lyrics „A co jeśli wygramy?”: Adam „Łona” Zieliński
Vocal parts: Mateusz Bieryt
Choreography: Barbara Olech
Stage design: Milena Czarnik
Costumes: Arek Ślesiński
Lighting direction: Paulina Góral
Music group: keyboards – Piotr Bolanowski, bass – Jan Kusek, electronics – Jarosław Pakuszyński, percussion, music direction – Wojciech Długosz
Cast: Bartosz Bandura, Mateusz Bieryt, Marcin Czarnik, Wojciech Dolatowski, Rafał Dziwisz, Dominika Feiglewicz, Karolina Kamińska, Karolina Kazoń, Julia Latosińska, Małgorzata Majerska, Daniel Malchar, Dasha Melekh, Paulina Narożnik, Magdalena Osińska, Dominik Stroka, Antoni Sztaba, Rafał Szumera, Katarzyna Zawiślak-Dolny.
The actors on stage are accompanied by a music group: Piotr Bolanowski, Wojciech Długosz, Jasiek Kusek and Jarosław Pakuszyński. 

Photo Maciej Zakrzewski