The Łódź Walk of Fame – Stars for Barbara Połomska and Michał Szewczyk

On 1 October at 1 p.m. two Powszechny Theatre actors – Barbara Połomska and Michał Szewczyk – were be awarded their stars in the Łodź Walk of Fame (Piotrkowska Street). Thank you for your presence and for moving atmosphere. It was a great moment for the Łódź theatre and film! Barbara Połomska could not be with us on that day and her star was unveiled by her son Marcin and her granddaughter Jagoda. Our congratulations!

Powszechny Theatre founded the stars in 63 Piotrkowska Street. The ceremony was a part of the Powszechny Theatre 75. anniversary celebration to be held in 2020. The Powszechny director Ewa Pilawska came up with the idea of awarding Michał Szewczyk and Barbara Połomsksa their stars.  

Michał Szewczyk was born in Łódź, Barbara Połomska was born in Bydgoszcz and they two decided to tie their lives with Łódź.  Despite many offers they stayed faithful to our city. They have been the Powszechny Theatre actors for many years and the spectators can watch them on our stage in “Brunch”, “Mayday 2” or “ It Runs In the Family”.

Barbara Połomska made her debut in 1957 as Eliza in G.B.Shaw’s “Pygmalion”. Michał Szewczyk made his debut a year later, in 1958, in “Ann Frank’s Diary”, directed by Zbigniew Koczanowicz. Ms Połomska was an undisputed star of the Polish cinema in the seventies and the eighties. She was often described as „the Polish Brigitte Bardot” and media covered her international successes. She played in many films and TV series but remained faithful to theatre and to Łódź. Michał Szewczyk has been one of the most popular Powszechny Theatre actors, loved by fans and critics. He played in many films and TV series as well as TVP Theatre spectacles and Polish Radio dramas.

Barbara Połomska and Michał Szewczyk have been the Powszechny Theatre actors for more than 60 years; in 2015 they appeared together in a special spectacle – “A Song Factory” – produced for the 70th anniversary of Powszechny Theatre in Łódź. They both form an impressive chapter of the history of Łódź and Polish theatre.