Powszechny Theatre in Łódź

The theatre in Legionów Street (formerly – 11th November Street) was opened as Powszechny Theatre in May 1945. The first show that was presented there was “The Partisan” by Vsevolod Ivanov. In July 1945 the name of the theatre changed into Powszechny Theatre TUR (TUR – Workers’ University Society). However the theatre did not succeed in keeping its self-dependence and in September 1945 it became the second stage of the Polish Army Theatre (the first stage was in Cegielniana Street). The theatre became independent in 1948/49 season when Karol Adwentowicz was its director. The theatre’s visage was formed by its succeeding directors – among them Jadwiga Chojnacka, Roman Sykała, Roman Kłosowski, Mirosław Szonert, Bohdan Cybulski, Maciej Korwin. 

Ewa Pilawska has been the theatre’s director since 1995.