"Touching the Void" - the first Polish preview on 7 June in Powszechny Theatre

On 7 June on our Small Stage we presented the first Polish preview of „Touching the Void” – the play by David Greig directed by Ewa Pilawska. After the spectacle there was a workshop – an original idea of Andrzej Jakubas – as it usually happens after each spectacle. This time it was co-hosted by Paweł Pustelnik, a mountaineer and president of Academic Mountain Club. Thank you for being with us! 

„Touching the Void” by David Greig is based on a fascinating book of the same name by Joe Simpson – a mountaineer  who fought a heroic fight for his life while climbing the Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes. As director Ewa Pilawska underlines,  „Touching the Void” is a multilevel play. – My impression is that it is the starting point for a deeper and more universal story about a modern man, his needs, struggles, loneliness, about civilization and our modern life, „rat race”, permanent rivalry in pursuit of worldly possessions and at the same about losing everything important and the lack of any contact with ourselves. Mountineering is an escape from everything that smothers us and tears us away from our true nature. It is also a play about making choices and about dilemmas that face us – says Ewa Pilawska.                  

David Greig
„Touching the Void”
Translated by Elżbieta Woźniak
Directed by Ewa Pilawska
Set design and costumes: Wojciech Stefaniak
Stage movement: Marlena Bełdzikowska and Witold Jurewicz
Light: Łukasz Broniewski
Music co-operation: Bartosz Adamiak
Cast: Monika Kępka, Michał Lacheta, Arkadiusz Wójcik, Artur Zawadzki

Photos: Justyna Tomczak and Kasia Chmura