We presented "lovebook" in Lublin

On 10 May we played „lovebook”, directed by Michał Siegoczyński, in Old (stary) Theatre in Lublin.

Stary Theatre in Lublin is the second oldest theatre in Poland. There you can see – apart from their own shows – most important spectacles produced by other Polish theatres. On 10 May we presented there „lovebook”, written and directed by Michał Siegoczyński. The play premiered in 2018 at the 24th Festival of Plays Pleasant and Unpleasant. „lovebook” is a story about love, about fight for love and about an attempt of getting back your own happiness. What is love? Can love lead us to a psychiatric disease? Or can it help us fight the disease?

The starting point of the performance was Matthew Quick’s novel „The Silver Linings Playbook” and its film adaptation as well. The play makes us think about the line between love and our idea of love. Can we truly love? Who disturbs us in our love? Is it possible that we do it ourselves

Jacek Sieradzki, famous Polish theatre critic, put the Powszechny theatre actor Kuba Kotyński for his role in „lovebook” and for „good comedy playing in the latest edition of his „Subjective list of theatre actors”. It was the only distinction for Łódź drama theatres confirming Polish Comedy Centre’s role in a struggle for modern and noble comedy language. Jacek Sieradzki wrote: „I noticed his role in <<lovebook>> because I liked the show by Michał Siegoczyński. It is an intelligent comedy melodrama or, according to modern terminology, romantic comedy in the Woody Allen style. (…) It is necessary to play it in a reasonable manner, without turning up the whites of your eyes, without pulling faces or underlining every joke with a bold line. (…) He may be here a face of good comedy playing”.

Sript: Michał Siegoczyński
Directed by: Michał Siegoczyński
Dramaturgy consultant: Magdalena Kupryjanowicz
Set design and costumes: Katarzyna Sankowska
Music: Kamil Pater
Choreography: Alisa Makarenko
Lightning director and video: Michał Głaszczka
Camera operator: Giovanni Cimarosti
Cast: Karolina Łukaszewicz, Zuzanna Zielińska, Filip Jacak, Jakub Kotyński,
with a special appearance by Karolina Krawczyńska