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„Who Wants To Be A Jew?” to premiere on 1 October in Powszechny Theatre

On 1 October, 2022, Powszechny Theatre in Łódź will present the first preview of this season – „Who Wants To Be A Jew?” by Marek Modzelewski, directed by Jacek Braciak. On Sunday, 2 October, there will be a meeting with the playwright and the director.  

- In his play Marek Modzelewski presents our inner provincialism in a very accurate manner while pointing out its different shades. In a false mirror he shows that a certain buffoonery ic characteristic for everybody, despite our social status –  Ewa Pilawska,  the Powszechny Theatre director, says. – The play is directed by Jacek Braciak. It is his directing debut and I am very glad because of our meeting. It is something natural that experienced actors in a certain moment of their career decide to direct. I am glad that Jacek Braciak decided to direct this important, in my opinion, text – Ewa Pilawska notices. – This has been another meeting with a play by Marek Modzelewski. In 2007 we presented „Name Day” – the play about human hypocrisy and facade, about false first impressions because often a bitter truth about ourselves is hidden behind an embellished picture of an ideal and elegant family – Pilawska adds.     

Jacek Braciak is a movie and theatre actor awarded many times with Polish Film Awards „Orły”. He is known among others for his roles in „Edi”, „Kler”, „Wołyń” and „Różyczka”. – I wanted to take the bit in my hands and direct „Who Wants To Be A Jew?” according to my own interpretation. When I met director Ewa Pilawska she told me she was ready to take the risk of my directing debut in Powszechny Theatre and so it began. I am very glad because of this experience, it is exciting and at the same time probably the most difficult thing I have to face in my career. I do not think of  my character as an actor but I have to think of all charactes and the whole play as a director – Jacek Braciak says. – The play is brilliantly written and very important for me as it raises the subjects that have always been interesting to me. Being a Jew, the question of identity, intolerance, family, love – I could go on and on. In many aspects the play is painful, it puts a mirror in front of us. But if you want to look at yourself in it, to carry this vivisection, you must be brave and ready for it – Braciak notices. – In my opinion the play works on many different levels, while directing it I must keep balance between serious and buffo, dignity and irony. Often you can talk about serious problems with the use of humour, detachment and joke – he adds.      

„Who Wants To Be A Jew?” will premiere on 1 October. On Sunday, 2 October, Jacek Wakar will host a meeting with Marek Modzelewski and Jacek Braciak.

The play will be presented at our Small Stage on 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9 October, on 3,4, 5 and 6 November and in following months.


Marek Modzelewski
„Who Wants To Be A Jew?”
Director: Jacek Braciak
Stage design: Witek Stefaniak
Costumes: Ewa Helman-Szczerbic
Cast: Monika Kępka, Diana Krupa, Beata Ziejka, Marek Kasprzyk, Adam Marjański, Arkadiusz Wójcik