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First Polish presentation of „Arena”

On 1 June, 2023, on the Children’s Day, we presented first Polish staging of „Arena” („Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls”) by Dave Deveau. The play – the 13th spectacle in the Child in a situation project devoted to young people’s problems, was directed on a voluntary basis by Ewa Pilawska.      

After the show Ewa Pilawska referred to the metaphore of a boat („if we are not together in a boat, it starts to sink”). She thanked the team of producers thanks to whom we reached our destination and could present the spectacle. She noticed the importance of empathy, love and openness to diversity for the building of our dream world. She emphasized the danger of any form of violence and the need of permanent judging and stigmatizing other people only because they are different then we are. Why do we treat freedom and the right to individuality in a selective way?  

There were workshops moderated by Andrzej Jakubas and Ola Dulas after the spectacle. The discussion focused on the spectacle subject – the problem of identity and transgender (the main character of the play is Fiona/Fin, a girl who feels she is a boy). Thank you for the discussion, your openness, sensitivity and courage! After the workshops there were sweet snacks on the occasion of the Children’s Day. Thank you for being with us! Next shows will be presented on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.        


Dave Deveau
„Arena” („Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls”)
Translated by Elżbieta Woźniak
Directed (on a voluntary basis) by Ewa Pilawska
Stage design: Wojciech Stefaniak
Choreography: Jarosław Staniek
Video: Mateusz Kokot
Cast: Paulina Nadel, Sebastian Jasnoch, Michał Lacheta
With a special participation of Aleksandra Bogulewska

Fragment of „La Strada” by Nono Rota was used during the spectacle.